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Vintage Repurposed

Vintage Repurposed

Vintage Repurposed

As a dealer of antique and vintage jewelry, I have an eye for the past.  So many of the pieces that pass through my hands reveal another time and place. For me, the value of vintage is the story it tells about a time gone by. When “outdated” jewelry is disposed of as if its history has no value, it breaks my heart.

Pins, whether stick pins or hat pins or lingerie pins, are all a window to a fashion statement of their time. And beyond that, the workmanship of these pieces still shine through. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion fades but style is forever”…and good jewelry is forever stylish.

The first piece I ever re-purposed was a snake pendant that was languishing away at the bottom of a jewelry drawer waiting to be discovered. When I saw it, I was immediately drawn to its detail, and I saw how easily it could be made wearable again. I’ve repurposed several beautiful pieces since then that you can shop in my Repurposed Vintage Jewelry section.

I am sure you have pins, pendants, earrings, laying around that have great memories attached to them, but you can’t figure out how to wear them. The truth is: you can figure it out! Rings that are too small can be halved to become earrings, delicate pins can be turned into necklaces! Let your imagination soar and visualize how to repurpose an “old” piece into something new and uniquely yours!

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Melody Rodgers


Contemporary Diamond Frogs
Contemporary Diamond Frogs. A set of pins turned into pendants!
Victorian Star Necklace
This six-pointed star design was a brooch, but I knew it would make a great necklace.