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Finessing Your Unique Bridal Look With Melody Rodgers


We couldn’t be more excited for our first feature in The Bridal Blog of the exquisite Donna Morgan collection. In the blog post “Finessing Your Look With Melody Rodgers,” Melody gives professional tips on choosing the right jewelry for your colors, re-purposing vintage heirlooms for your big day, and more! Melody’s first tip: “Don’t be afraid of color!”


Without a doubt you’ve spent hours (days, weeks, months) planning the perfect look for you and your bridesmaids for your big day. Have you found the perfect color for your girls? Maybe it’s a mix of colors, or a solid hue in a mix of silhouettes. Add in some comfortable dancing shoes and your veil or headpiece, and you’re almost done! Now what about the baubles?

For tips on adding the finishing touches for you and your maids, we turned to jewelry expert Melody Rodgers. With her own store in the Manhattan Art & Antique Center, Melody’s pieces have been seen in countless publications and on numerous celebrities. She also had more than a few ideas for adding the perfect finishing glitz to your wedding day look!

Don’t be afraid of color: When we stopped by Melody’s store to play with the jewels and talk bridal jewelry, one of her first questions was, “Why are brides afraid of color?” By now everyone is familiar with Gwen Stefani’s statement necklace and hot hued gown! For a more subdued, but equally eye catching look, why not add a touch of color to coordinate with your bridesmaids? Of course every bride needs her something blue, but we also love the passion of deep purple or Amethyst. Blush is one of the hottest bridal trends of the moment, and looks good on just about everyone. Melody recommends gold metal as it warming to the skin, and will enhance your pigment for photosREAD MORE.

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Melody Rodgers Inside Weddings Feature: Fashion Fantasy

Fashion opener Inside Weddings Transport yourself to an opulent fashion fantasy in the Winter Issue of Inside Weddings. Check out our jewelry featured in this dark, romantic spread. If you like anything you see, contact me!

Double-headed Serpent Enamel Ring/Melody Rodgers
Double-headed Serpent Enamel Ring/Melody Rodgers. Price available on request.
Double-headed Serpent Ring
Double-headed Serpent Ring. Click image to see detail views.
Victorian Carnelian Drop Earrings
Victorian Carnelian Drop Earrings/Melody Rodgers. Price available on request.





Victorian Carnelian Drop Earrings
Victorian Carnelian Drop Earrings. Click image to see more views.
Victorian Gold-Filled Cross Pendant With Chain from Melody Rodgers
Victorian Gold-Filled Cross Pendant With Chain/Melody Rodgers. Price available on request.
Victorian gold-filled serpent earrings & Whitley Jet stretch bracelets. Prices available upon request.


Antique Heart Pendant 1/ 14K Gold Chain/Melody Rodgers
Antique Heart Pendant 1/ 14K Gold Chain/Melody Rodgers. Price available on request.


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A Chance Encounter With Katie Couric

This morning I had the good fortune of saying hello to Katie Couric. In our brief meeting I was able to pass along to her the story of helping her late husband Jay buy a vintage brooch. Katie wore her precious bird brooch the day she returned to the Today Show following Jay’s passing.

Jewelry is precious not only because the materials of which it is crafted, but also for the memories it holds. I’m honored to be a guardian of those stories and to help my clients create new memories with one of a kind pieces of antique and vintage jewelry.

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The Lone Earring

Stop the whining about the favorite earring you lost.

You can make it work if you stretch your conception of what a pair of earrings has to be.

Wear it with another single you have. There’s an outdated model that earring have to match they don’t you!

Your favorite stud can easily be worn with a hoop, or a dangle. Remember our ears frame our face and we want to accessorize them daily.

There are no rules to follow just your own sense of cool.