Melody Rodgers


For Melody Rodgers jewelry is personal. She has jewelry in her DNA, her mom Terry Rodgers was a respected presence in the industry for over 40 years. Her legacy was passed to Melody whose unique eye for both jewelry and her customer continues today.

Melody has been a dealer for over 20 years, offering a curated collection of vintage and antique jewelry in her NYC showroom and various trade shows throughout the metropolitan area. Her pieces have graced numerous Hollywood stars, including in major fashion magazines, print ads, and featured in books about jewelry.

Purchasing vintage jewelry is the search for the story that is passed through generations as it was passed down to her. It’s a treasure hunt born of curiosity that becomes a celebration between seeker, wearer, and seller. Melody Rodgers helps her customers build and curate their collections, provides expert repairs, and repurposes pieces so the memory can live on. Every piece that meets its perfect customer is the start of a new story waiting to unfold!

“Let’s begin a new story”


Melody was the first antique dealer to be prominently showcased in Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in NYC as well as 16 other stores through out the US. Her jewelry has been featured in Ginny Dawes’ Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830  and Victorian Jewelry:  Unexpected Treasures, Judith Miller’s Miller’s Costume Jewelry, and Kendall Farr’s The Pocket Stylist and Style Evolution among other prestigious industry publications. Her pieces have been seen on Meryl Streep, Janet Jackson, Bette Midler, Anne Hathaway, and Sigourney Weaver, to name a few. Her magazine credits include Vogue, Self, Elle, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, and Essence Magazine.

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